Game Review: Nom Nom Galaxy

PixelJunk never ceases to grab my attention. So of course when the newest game in their collection of quirkiness came to Playstation Plus’ February free game lineup for 2016, I immediately made room for the download. (409 mb)


The object of this game is to make and ship as much soup for your Capitalistic Robot Overlord as possible. It’s more challenging than you would think…  


When asked what the game is like, it’s easiest to describe it as: “Terraria meets Soup Making Robots meets tower defense meets resource gathering meets organizational orgasm.”

Intrigued yet? Keep reading.


You begin the game in a “Jump-in-balls-first” style tutorial. A pre-made soup factory has bits missing, robots acting a fool, resources galore and of course – a rival soup company dead-set on sabotage. Your boss of course, starts off griping at you to hurry your can along and gather the resources to start shipping soup and repair the factory. You start moving around to find that there are bits of terrain blocking one of your handy-dandy Soup Rockets. To your utter delight, You come pre-equipped with a buzz-saw. (Huzzah!) God forbid there’s any ADD in your body because if you’re not careful, you’ll start mowing down everything in site and you’ll very quickly learn a gravity lesson. I’ll let you figure that one out on your own.


The game has 4 player co-op multiplayer that opens up after your tutorial struggle and you very quickly discover that in most of the “real levels” you have to build your factory from scratch. Depending on how OCD you are, this is either a blessing or a curse. The super organized side of me not-so-silently rejoiced because I got to design my factory however I wanted. (Of course ten times more efficient than the piece of $hit factory in the tutorial) Then I started running out of money… “Crap, need matter to make more bits of factory”. Then it was “$shit! I need another power crystal because all these rockets are really starting to pull a lot of heat!” and of course “Balls! I need more resources! How am I going to do all of this at the same time?” And then the other soup company starts sending aliens to bomb my factory. “Son of a …” Did I mention as you play you find and unlock robot workers that “help” you? (in the loosest sense of the word…)


The trophy system is somewhat extensive for a small game, but totally achievable. From helping your friends ship off soup, to discovering new flavors, to my personal favorite “Play the game at 11:11”, you can get some trophies racked up fairly quickly.


The story mode is fairly open-ended. You open up new maps/planets when you meet a certain criteria for each gate in the world. (example: Discover 10 new recipes to open this gate) it also comes with an ever changing challenge mode that is exactly that, challenging.

Synopsis: If you’re organized, enjoy being creative, and have a bit of OCD mixed with a healthy portion of ADD- this is the perfect game for you. Want to see it yourself? It’s available for download on the playstation store.


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