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The concept of The Gamer Grid started in 2016 with a desire to create a gathering place for adults that just honestly really love video games. Multi-platform and extremely diverse - our website is designed to be your social media go-to for all things gaming. It is a place for your voice as a gamer, developer, or all-around enthusiast to be heard.

  1. 1.
    a person who plays video games or participates in role-playing games.

Here at the Grid,  we're not a clan, just a network of people that enjoy, play and get WAY too excited about video games. No matter what system you play on there's a place for you here. Find friends or a new group to play with. Chat about games you enjoy or dislike. Promote your video stream or find someone new to watch. Advertise for your clan or find a new one. Dive in, create your profile, & share your opinions.  Welcome to the Grid. We're glad you're here.


Team Up

Team Up with other gamers on your platform!

Jump in with others at The Gamer Grid and get $hit done!


Make Friends

Gaming has come a long way. The people you play with every day become more than just people on the other side of your console. Friendships and bonds are formed on every gaming system. Join us to find even more.


Be Heard

Your voice matters at The Gamer Grid.

Write a review. Share your opinions on games, systems, events and more.

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